Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week you will continue exploring the class text, ‘A Stone for Sascha’. As it is Word Book Day on Thursday, you will only have four tasks to complete. 

Please follow the daily tasks below.



L.O. To explore the text

Your task today is to watch the video, ‘A Stone for Sascha'  and then discuss the events in the story with your adult. Can you retell the journey of the stone?

Complete the journey map below.

A Stone for Sascha

Still image for this video


To identify the changing emotions of a character.

The young girl goes through many emotional changes throughout the story. Right from the beginning she is devastated by the loss of her pet dog, Sascha but as the story continues, she is faced with hope and the realisation that nothing is ever lost forever.



Complete the axis of emotions below to show how the young girl felt during the story. Explain why she felt like this with reference from the text.


L.O. To use figurative language to create impact.

Today you will be learning how to create exciting similes and metaphors to describe an image. We have already done this in class and know that authors use similes and metaphors to create vivid picture for the reader. Watch the video below to recap the key ideas about similes and metaphors.

"Similes and Metaphors" by The Bazillions



Think about the phrase below:

Nothing is ever lost for us as long as we remember it.

Your task is to create similes and metaphors to describe the pictures below and use the adjective word mat to help you.



World Book Day


Click on the World Book Day icon and complete the tasks.



To write a poem.


Your task is to write a  poem about the young girl from our text. Look at all the skills that you have learnt this week and use them to write a poem of hope and dreams. Use the images from yesterday’s task to help you generate your ideas and then include exciting figurative language to bring your poem to life!