Reevy Hill Primary School

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Year 3

Relationships Education will put in place the building blocks needed for positive and safe relationships, including with family, friends and online. Your child will be taught what a relationship is, what friendship is, what family means and who can support them. In an age-appropriate way, your child will cover how to treat each other with kindness, consideration and respect. Health Education aims to give your child the information they need to make good decisions about their own health and wellbeing, to recognise issues in themselves and others, and to seek support as early as possible when issues arise.


Through discussion and simple activities, your Year 3 child will be learning:

  • To identify risk factors in given situations.
  • To identify qualities of friendships and suggest reasons why friends sometimes fall out.
  • To understand and explain some of the reasons why people are bullied.
  • To explain what is meant by the term ‘balanced diet’
  • To explain how some infectious illnesses are spread from one person to another.
  • To identify situations which are safe or unsafe.
  • To identify key people that keep them safe.
  • To understand that medicines are drugs and suggest ways they can be helpful or harmful.
  • To recognise the potential risks involved with browsing online.
  • To recognise appropriate behaviour online as well as offline.
  • To identify different types of relationships.
  • To identify people who they have a special relationship with and identify strategies for maintaining positive relationships.
  • To recognise that there are many different types of family.
  • To define the terms ‘secret’ and ‘surprise’ and know the difference between a safe and unsafe secret.
  • To understand what is meant by the term personal space.