Reevy Hill Primary School

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At Reevy Hill, our whole school vision is for children to be able to read fluently by the time they are 7, so that they can access a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum by the time they are 11. English plays a huge part in achieving this. We use a range of stimuli to excite and engage children whilst developing their confidence in reading, writing and spoken language.


Our English lessons follow a set Long Term Plan for high quality texts in each year group. Teachers base their planning for each unit around CLPE Power of Reading.

Early reading is supported using the Little Wandle Systematic Synthetic Phonics. Once children are able to decode and read fluently in KS1, we teach reading through reading practice sessions across Key Stage 2.

For KS1, handwriting is covered through letter formation aspects of Little Wandle. Once formation is secure, we use the Letter-Join Handwriting Scheme to encourage joined writing.

SPAG is taught as a separate session as well as interweaving through most, if not all writing lessons. Teachers use PIXL planning alongside Classroom Secrets resources to teach the SPAG lessons.


We have an exciting reading spine which allows children to experience a wide range of texts during their time at school. Children are asked to read frequently at home to improve their fluency and understanding, with our school Reading Championship encouraging children to achieve this.

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