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Writing Learning Pack

This week we are going to continue with our class text ‘Mouse Bird Snake Wolf’. 


Task 1

To explore the thoughts and actions of a character.


Watch the video, which will continue the story. Listen to the story until you get to  15.24 and then STOP.

Look at the illustration below of Ben perched anxiously in the tree.

Why do you think he is in the tree? Why is he so anxious?

What do you think he is thinking at this point? Complete the thought bubbles below. I have included an example for you below.

Now, I would like you to write in the role of Little Ben. Write a short paragraph exploring his thoughts and what he thinks will happen next? Explain what he should do next to resolve this. Use the ideas that you have generated in your first activity.




Task 2

To correctly punctuate direct speech.


We have looked at punctuating speech in class and we know that direct speech is any spoken words by a character. In this session you will be focusing on using other punctuation just as a ‘comma’ within your direct speech. Watch the  BBC Bite size video below which explain how to punctuate direct speech using a comma.

Now complete the tasks below.





Task 3

To draw a story map

Your final task this week will be to create a comic strip to retell the story of Mouse Bird Snake Wolf. However, you will be innovating the story and creating your version of the story.


Your task today will be to plan your story based on the book you have been reading. This about the ideas below and then plan your story using illustrations and annotating with writing.


Your planning must include:

  • Beginning – Introduce your character
  • Build Up – retell how the Gods take long naps in the clouds
  • Middle – Include the creation of the creature you created from last week.
  • Problem – What went wrong?
  • Resolution – How the problem was resolved – Ending.


Draw a backward 'S' into your book and plan your story



Task 4

Use the comic strip template below and write your version of the story. Look at the example of the text below to see how the text is set out, with reduced text, pop cations and illustrations. Use the Year 4 toolkit to support your writing. If you are unsure about this task, please me so I can support you further.


Writing toolkit.

  • Capital letters and full stops
  • Noun phrases which are expanded by prepositional phrases
  • Fronted adverbial followed by a comma
  • Range of conductions – when, if, because and although
  • To punctuate direct speech correctly using a comma 

Task 5

To edit and improve my writing

This task is based on editing and improving your writing. Check to see if you have included all the features in the Year 4 ‘Toolkit’ from yesterday. I have attached some word mats below to support you. Ensure to have included clear illustrations in each section.