Reevy Hill Primary School

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At Reevy Hill our aim is to cultivate a dynamic and inclusive learning environment, where researched driven education empowers students to explore, question and grow into well-rounded individuals equipped for the multicultural society we live in.


We follow the agreed Bradford Syllabus, which is the Believing and Belonging Syllabus, this carefully covers the six world faith alongside non-faith views. Our Curriculum has been designed to enable our pupils to build on their knowledge and skills as they progress throughout Key Stage 1 and 2. Lessons are carefully sequenced to enable our pupils to develop and deepen their understanding of the key religions. We support children to develop the understanding and skills they need to consider and develop their own views and ideas over time.


We ensure that children are inspired and ignite a love for learning about the world they live in. Children have the opportunity to visit a range of sacred buildings and explore interacting workshops to fully immerse themselves into the clear understanding. 

RE in Action