Reevy Hill Primary School

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At Reevy Hill, it is our priority to enhance the curriculum through providing children with many exciting opportunities, in and beyond the classroom. Activities are thoroughly planned so they bring the curriculum to life with purposeful experiences that many of our learners may not experience in their own lives. From visiting museums and art galleries, to facing fears and learning new skills on the Year 6 residential, all the staff at Reevy Hill go above and beyond to ensure our learners have the most enriching experiences possible. 

Flat Stan First Aid Sessions

Children across school learnt some basic skills for first aid such as signs to check if someone is not breathing and how to deliver CPR.

Iftar Meal

We hosted an Iftar Meal during Ramadan where families from the community were invited in to enjoy an evening meal to break fast together.

Royal Science Institution Visit

A visitor from the Royal Science Institution delivered an exciting show about energy and the power of food. There was lots of tasting, learning about how the digestive system works, and even some flames!

Road Safety Sessions

Bradford Council came to deliver Road Safety sessions across school which looked at how we can keep ourselves safe when crossing the road.

Fire Station Visit

Some children were able to attend a local fire station to enjoy some sessions which focused on team building and problem solving.