Reevy Hill Primary School

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Mrs Clark's Phonics Group

Each week, you will have four tasks to complete. You will have some reading tasks, a phonics/spelling task and then a chance to do some independent reading. Read through the tasks below to find out your instructions - I suggest doing a task a day. 


Task 1 

This half term, we are really going to be focusing on retrieving information and answering questions about the texts we read. Today, you have got a PowerPoint to read through which looks at this skill, there are tasks to work through and practice as you go through the PowerPoint.

Task 2 

You have a sheet to complete based on the skill you learnt yesterday. Read through and complete the questions - use the PowerPoint from yesterday's session to support you. 

Task 3 and 4

Task 3 and 4 will be based on phonics and spellings. Each week, you will recap over a sound you have learnt in school. Firstly, there is a sound mat to read and recap over all the sounds you have learnt. You will then have a PowerPoint or video to have a look at then an activity or some spellings to practice based on that sound. You might want to look at the PowerPoint or video one day, then do the activity or spellings the next day. Spending 5 minutes a day practicing reading and writing the sound will help you to learn it so you could look at task 3 and 4 as much as you want!

'Ey sound'

Read through the PowerPoint to learn the sound today.

Ey is an different way of spelling the 'ee' sound. There are some activities to work through on the PowerPoint. You then have some spellings to practice using this sound.

Task 5

For task 5, I would like you to do some independent reading. This could be any type of text - I would like you to pick something you really enjoy! 


You could:

  • Read a story - you could read a story book, look at a picture book or even listen to a story on Youtube.
  • Read an eBook story - login details for Oxford Owl website are on the reading page.
  • Read a magazine or comic book. 
  • Instructions. 
  • A recipe - plus baking something nice!
  • Write your own story - use your imagination and write your own story that you could read to your family. 


Any questions or suggestions for this, please email me and I can help.