Reevy Hill Primary School

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Uniform Information

School uniform plays an important role in children's respect, pride and sense of belonging therefore, we simply ask that everyone respects the policy.  We do understand that children grow quickly and replacing uniform can be difficult at times but the school uniform has been adapted to help with this.  If you are experiencing any difficulties in getting the right uniform for your child, please speak to us so we can help.  


School uniform consists of:

  • blue sweatshirt or cardigan- with or without school logo
  • white polo shirt- with or without school logo
  • black or grey trousers or skirt- no leggings.
  • all black footwear
  • blue and white gingham summer dress/ grey or black shorts


PE uniform

  • black or navy PE shorts /black or navy leggings or tracksuit bottoms
  • blain white PE T-shirt
  • black pumps or trainers

All clothing and belongings should be clearly labelled with the child’s name.

We would ask that children do not wear any jewellery to school, but if your child does have their ears pierced then they must wear only small stud type earrings and these will have to be taken out or covered with a plaster for PE lessons.

School uniform can be purchased at the following suppliers: 

  • The Uniform Shop, 50-52 Darley Street, Bradford, BD1 3HN