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Science Learning Pack

We will continue our topic ‘Sound’ this week. You will have three tasks to complete over the week. You may be directed to watch a video which you can access by clicking onto the school website – Year 4 Home learning page.


Task 1

How can we alter the loudness of a sound?

Your first task is the complete the short quiz below to see how much you have remembered from last week!


Flashback Quiz

  1. What is a sound?


  1. What happens to sound the further you are away from it?


  1. What is sound caused by?


  1. What is ‘vibration’?


  1. Vibration traveling from a sound source is called?



When we talk about the volume of a sound, we are listening to how loud or quite the sound is. We have learnt from last week that sound are vibrations that travel through air. So how can we alter the loudness of a sound?


Watch the video below.

BBC Bitesize video 1

In this task you will set up different experiments at home with your adult to see if you can alter the volume of sound. Your experiments will be different as you will be using resources that you have in your home.

Think about how and what you can use to make different volumes of sound. I have made a list of some activities you may wish to do below in the results column, take a look before you start!

Once you have decided which resources you will use, complete the experiment sheet below.

If you are unsure or you are struggling, please email me and I will support you.


How can we alter the loudness of a sound?

My Prediction

I predict___________________________________________________



Equipment (What I will need)


Method (What I will do)

First I will ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Then I will_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

My Results








rub my finger slowly on a table

Scratching a book

Tapping a table

Slamming a door shut

Bashing a pan with a metal spoon

My observation

















What I have found out?

(In this section, explain what you have learnt. Use scientific vocabulary to explain your findings. Explain how vibration had an impact on the loudness of a sound and also the strength of the vibration)


Key words

Vibration               sound                       strength of the vibration

Soundwaves          loudness                  volume             


Task 2

How can we change the pitch of a sound?

We have learnt that the loudness of a sound can be altered by the level of vibration. A bigger vibration will produce a louder sound and a smaller vibration will produce a quieter sound. How else can sound be different?


In this task we will be looking at the ‘pitch’ of a sound. This is not the same as how loud something is. A pitch is the measure of how high or low a sound is. High sound can be quite or loud, and low sounds can be quite or loud too!


Watch the video clip below which will explain 'Pitch' .









BBC Bitesize video 2

Once you have watched the video, complete your experiment below.

Once you have carried out the investigation, record your findings.

You could create a poster, draw a scientific diagram or write an explanation to share what you found out! Use the key questions and scientific vocabulary to help you.


Task 3

How to make a tuned string instrument?

You have learnt so much about sound over the last two weeks and now is a chance to show off everything you have learnt!

Your task is to make a tuned string instrument like a guitar! If you struggling with any resources, please email me.


Firstly, you will need something to resemble a guitar like a container – You could use an empty ice-cream tub without the lid or use an empty cereal box.


Next, you will need rubber bands that will go around your container – If you don’t have these, maybe use some string?


Finally, something to use to change the pitch of the sound such as lego – you could use bars of chocolate KitKat or anything that will give you the result you need. Take a look at the picture below.

Your tunned instrument - End result

You can make your instrument with any resources you have at home. Use your imagination and the knowledge you have learnt.

Once you have created your instrument, I would like you to complete the questions below. I would love to see your instruments so please send me a picture!


Question Time

  • Can you explain how your string instruments work? (Remember to use scientific language!)
  • Why do the strings sound at different pitches?
  • Can you change the volume (loudness) of each string? How?
  • Can you play a tune on your instrument?