Reevy Hill Primary School

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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Mr G Stott

Deputy Headteacher & Safeguarding Leader

Mrs P Ratcliffe

Assistant Headteacher/KS2 Leader

Mrs R Lamb 

Early Years Leader

Miss K Greenhalgh

KS1 Leader

Miss L Brogan


Miss E Metcalfe

Mrs R Lamb

Class teacher (YN)

Mrs L Metcalfe

Class teacher (YR)

Miss Greenhalgh 

Class teacher (Y1) 

Miss L Harps & Miss C Gibson 

Class teacher (Y2)

Miss L Brogan 

Class teacher (Y3)

Miss V Lester  

Class teacher (Y4)

Ms S Riaz

Class teacher (Y5)

Miss E Pinder 

Class teacher (Y6)

Mrs R Lamb 

Support staff (EYFS)

Mrs A Mowl

Miss D O’Connor

Miss L Brophy

Miss O Ratcliffe

Support staff (Key Stage 1 and 2)

Mrs N Zaara

Mrs J Barwick

Mrs J Brodie

Mrs A Sutton

Mrs W Clark

Mrs A Pollard

Miss Thomas 

Learning Mentor & Mental Health Champion

Mrs J Whiteley 


Mrs L Curr

Chair of Governors

Mrs L Sharp

Parent Involvement Worker, Deputy Safeguarding Leader & Mental Health Champion

Mrs D Cox

School Business Manager 

Mrs S Green 

Office Administrators

Mrs K Banks

Mrs C Riding 

Lunchtime staff

Miss C Stones

Mrs E Parkinson

Mrs D Brown

Mrs J Barwick

Mrs M Riches

Premises staff

Mr R Smith

Mrs D Brown

Mrs J Milner

Mrs E Parkinson