Reevy Hill Primary School

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Art and Design is an essential part of the primary curriculum. Art allows young children to develop their imagination. It gives children the skills to record their imagination, ideas and the way they view the world around them.


At Reevy Hill, our youngest children in Nursery are given access to mark making resources where they can explore colour and line and learn how they can be changed. They are encouraged to express feelings through their art and mark making and capture experiences and responses with a wide range of media. This is further developed in Reception class, where children begin to create simple representations of events, people and objects, choosing particular colours and textures for their purpose.


Throughout the rest of their school journey, children in our school follow a thoughtfully designed curriculum, using the Kapow scheme of work, in which their artistic skills are built upon year on year. Not only are their skills built upon, but so is their knowledge of art and artists, using subject specific vocabulary in a way that helps children to know and remember more. This is achieved through the use of sticky knowledge and knowledge organisers.


The overall purpose of our art curriculum is to challenge and inspire children through art, as well as give them the chance to experience art in a variety of ways such as gallery and artist visits, giving them a real sense of purpose in their art learning. Ultimately our curriculum aims to equip children with the skills and knowledge to feel comfortable to experiment and create their own art work achieving a sense of pride and success.

Art in Action