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This week you will continue to read our class text 'Mouse Bird Snake Wolf'. Complete the daily tasks neatly into your books. If you are unsure about any work set this week, please email me. 


Task 1

In this task I would like you to think back to Little Ben and Sue's creations. (Remember that Little Ben created a mouse and Sue created a bird.) Think how you would describe the animals? Also think how the animals 'filled' the empty spaces in the world? 

Your Task!

I would like you to imagine that you are Harry. What creature would you add to the world and why? Think about all the amazing animals in the world!

I would like you to draw a silhouette of a head and draw your creature inside the silhouetter. On the outside, I would like you to think of words and phrases to describe your creation. Think about the looks, actions and behaviour. 

I have attached examples below for you. Have fun!

Task 2

To write a fact file.


In this session I would like you to create a fact file about the creature you drew about in yesterday's task. First I would like you to research key facts such as:


What it looks like ? (Features)

Where it lives ? (Habitat)

What it eats ? (Diet)

How it moves ?

If it can do anything special ?


Once you have done your research, write your fact file using the template below or design your own! I have also attached some examples to support you. You must include:


A picture and suitable information such as habitat, diet and features.

Use subheadings and text boxes to organise your research clearly.

Make use of ‘did you know?’ boxes which contain additional fascinating facts.



Task 3

To identify the key features of a kenning poem.


In this session you will learn, what a 'Kenning' poem is and understand the key features. Your task is to work through the PowerPoint and complete any tasks on the slides neatly in to your book.

How to write a Kenning

Task 4

To write a Kenning poem


Today, I would like you to think back to your fact file and the creature you wrote about.

Your task today is to write a kenning poem about your creature. Be as creative as you can and use exciting verbs! I have attached a verb mat below support. Use the table below to generate your ideas!


Nouns Verbs


 Once you have done your poem, write it up neatly and draw a picture of your creature next to the poem. I would love to see your poems, so please email me your finished piece!

Task 5

In this session I would like you to continue to listen to the story. Please click on the link below and listen till you get to 12.00 and then STOP.


Story time with Annie - Mouse, Bird, Snake Wolf

Think back to when Harry's snake came to life. Do you think the children's action are sensible? Are they filling a necessary 'gap' or 'space'?


Harry would like to make a wolf, do you think this is a good idea? Make a short list in your book about the arguments for and against this.


For Against


Now, I would like you to write a short paragraph to Harry offering him your advice on whether he should make a wolf or not!