Reevy Hill Primary School

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Red and Blue Group

This week, we are going to be focusing on Statistics and looking at information in tables and timetables. You will have 5 tasks - I suggest you do one each day. There will be a PowerPoint and a worksheet to complete for each task but for your last task of the week, we will be revisiting some previous learning. Any questions, please email me and I will help!

Task 2  - LO. I can read and interpret tables - application.

Today, you will have two problems to complete linking to yesterday's learning. Firstly, you have a PowerPoint to read through which shows you examples of the problems and how you might work through them. Then, have a go at working through the ones on the sheet. 


You might want to use Point, Evidence and Explanation to answer your problems like we would in class. 


Point - answer the question... 'Tom is correct.'


Evidence - show working out... this could be a calculation or drawing to show your working. 


Explanation - explain how you know... 'I know this because...'

Task 4 - LO. I can read two way tables - application.

You have some problems to read through and complete linking to yesterday's learning. There is a PowerPoint to demonstrate how you might solve them, then a couple to complete. Use the PEE headings from task 2 to support you.

Task 5 - LO. Factors Revisit. 

Each week, task 5 will be revisiting previous learning we have already learnt in class. This week, we will be looking at factors. You will have a PowerPoint to read through then a worksheet to complete.