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Phonics/Early Reading

We believe that Phonics provides the foundations to make fluent readers and good writers.  We aim to give pupils the best possible start on their reading/writing journey by teaching them the essential skills and knowledge to decode and encode words independently from the outset.  At this point of reading and writing, pupils will use phonics as their first strategy to read and spell unknown words until it is embedded and automatic for them. We provide pupils with the opportunity to develop this automaticity in reading practice sessions. Children are assessed regularly to ensure misconceptions are addressed and all children are given the best chance at keeping up. We recognise that the development of spoken language and the enjoyment and comprehension of quality literature go hand in hand to develop a lifelong love of reading and aim to nurture and develop these attributes alongside the phonics programme.

Find out about our reading practice sessions from some of our Year 2 pupils!

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Phonics teaching spaces and resources at Reevy

Year 1 Parent/Carer Phonics afternoon