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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Statement 

Reevy Hill Primary School is committed to ensuring that all pupils, regardless of their socio-economic background, should have equal opportunity to make good progress, achieve highly and access to wider educational opportunities. The main of our pupil premium strategy is to support disadvantaged pupils to achieve these goals.

At the core of supporting all children, including vulnerable children, is Quality First Teaching. Research shows QfT to have the greatest impact on narrowing the disadvantage attainment gap and at the same time be of benefit to non-disadvantaged pupils in our school.

We will:

  • Ensure that teaching is of high quality for all pupils and that disadvantaged pupils are taught by the best, most qualified staff.

  • Provide challenge in the work that pupils are given.

  • Provide intervention if and when needed, to ensure progress is good

  • Offer a range of enrichment opportunities to raise aspirations of disadvantaged children

Ensuring that the Pupil Premium Funding is spent to meet the needs of our disadvantaged children, regardless of what these needs may be and if they change over time.  

  • Identified barriers our disadvantaged children face:
  • Higher levels of Persistent Absence (PA) and/or poor punctuality resulting lost learning time
  • Poor mental health resulting in that barriers to readiness to learn
  • On entry to school, children have lower entry points, for example: poor speech and language skills, limited language/vocabulary and poor personal care skills
  • Instability at home in the form of increased exposure to Domestic Abuse, crime, fuel and food poverty, meaning children are less ready to learn at school
  • No or limited access to correct uniform and school equipment creating a sense of lower self-worth and poor mental health.
  • Existing gaps in learning that create a barrier to children accessing the wider curriculum offer and achieving as well as their peers
  • Limited access to activities out of school such as trips and clubs, music and arts experiences
  • Poor engagement/support from home to school to support learning in school.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2021-2024