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This week we will be starting our new text ' Mouse Bird Snake Wolf' by David Almond. You will be given a daily task to complete neatly in to your book. If you have any questions, please email me. 


Task 1

L.O To make a prediction about the text.


Look at the front cover and read the blurb. What do you predict the book is about? How do you know this? 


Long ago, the Gods created a wonderful world. It had mountains, seas, astonishing beasts and people rather like us. Then the Gods became lazy. They didn't finish what they had started. Now they sit nibble cakes and take long naps in the clouds. 

Harry, Sue and Little Ben decide to fill the empty spaces. They make squeaky mousy thing, a feathery flying thing, a slithery scaly thing. But do they dare to create a hairy howling thing with great big teeth?


Use the sentence starters below to write your prediction.


From the front cover, I predict....

From the blurb, I know.....

Task 2

To discuss the Earth's 'creations'.


Click on the video link below and watch up to 1:44  and then complete the Tell Me Grid. 



😊 Year 4 - Week 1 - Story time with Annie - Mouse, Bird, Snake Wolf

Tell Me Grid

Task 3

L.O To explore issues and dilemmas in the text.


Click on the video link from yesterday and continue listening to the story. Listen until you get to 8.57 and then STOP.



What do you think about the actions of Little Ben and Sue?

Were they doing the right or wrong thing? Why?


Complete the table below and jot down a few ideas in each column. Once you have done this, I would like you to write a short paragraph about your opinion. Do you agree with the children or do you think the children were acting irresponsible? Complete your work in your book.


Postive Negative