Reevy Hill Primary School

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Eco Group

The school has been awarded the silver eco-schools award for consistently ensuring the school is an environmentally friendly school and working towards excellent energy efficiency! Thank you to the everyone involved especially the pupils. We will now work towards the ‘Green Flag’ Award.

The main topics we are working on initially are:

  • recycling and minimising waste
  • litter
  • energy
  • water

Staff and children have been asked to do the following to assist us:

  • Switch lights off when the classroom is empty
  • Monitor the windows- only to be opened at break and lunchtime to let the air circulate
  • Computers and whiteboards to be switched off when not in use
  • Monitor litter in the playground and around school

As part of becoming an eco-friendly school we are also recycling batteries so if you have any old batteries from mobile phones, games controls etc please send them in to school. Thanks