Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week we will be focusing on a new book.

 Follow the daily tasks below and complete your work in your book as usual. If you are unsure about anything - please email me!





In this lesson, I would like you to look at the picture below and predict what the book might be about. Look closely at the front cover and and use the word cloud to make your prediction.


I predict the book is about .........because.......



The book that we are going to be reading is called The Tin Forest



  • Watch the video below
  • Write a short summary of the story in your book.

The Tin Forest

The Tin Forest, written by Helen Ward and illustrated by Wayne Anderson Animation



Today, I would like you to complete a comprehension.

Follow the task list below to complete your work.



  • Read the text - The Tin Forest
  • Answer The Tin Forest comprehension questions.


Click on the links below to access your work.





In this lesson, I would like you create a bank of adjectives to describe the 'huge piles of other people’s rubbish.'



  • Look at the picture below and complete the table.
  • Write sentences to describe the picture using expanded noun phrases. I have attached a word mat below to support you. Look at the example below.



To create expanded noun phrases using the word bank that you have created.



The silver, shiny wheel laid beneath the rusty pipe.

The long, rusty metal pipe was crushed under the pile of rubbish.


Use two adjectives in your sentences (red words) and a preposition (green word).



Imagine that you are the old man looking out of your house and all you can see is people's rubbish piling up outside.



  • Draw a picture of what you can see through your window.
  • Write a short setting description using the expanded noun phrases from yesterday.


Use the picture below to inspire you or you may wish to watch the video clip again!