Reevy Hill Primary School

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Session 1


I can write a list


Look at the front cover of our new e-book!

What do you think it is about?

We are going to be reading a non-fiction text about jobs.


What jobs do you know? 


Today's task: Write a list of jobs you know in your home learning book.


Extension: turn jobs in your list into a sentence.


A chef cooks food for people. yes

Session 2


I can make predictions.


Look at the contents page of our e-book. The contents page tells us what is inside the book smiley

This contents page has some clues about what jobs are going to be in the e-book. Read them and see if you can guess what the pages are going to be about.


Today's task: Write sentences about what you think the pages might be about.


I think screen 6 is about a zookeeper. yes

Session 3


I can write sentences about jobs.

Let's look at our e-book!

Screen 2

Still image for this video

Today's task: Write sentences about the job you think you would like to do when you are older.


Draw a picture after you have finished your sentences.


When I am older I would like to be a …


Try and use connectives like 'and' and 'because'


I want to be a policeman because I like to help people. yes

Session 4


I can write sentences about jobs.


Let's read screen 2 again.

Today's task: Writing sentences about jobs.


Look at the pictures below and write sentences about the jobs.

Session 5


I can write about jobs.


I hope you have enjoyed reading the start of our e-book this week. We have lots of jobs to learn about!


Today's task: Split your page into 2 sections and draw a picture of a different job in each section. Label the job.

Ext: Write sentences about the jobs.