Reevy Hill Primary School

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We are going to be using another picture for our writing this week. Look at the picture then complete the daily activities. 


Day 1 

Today I would like you to make a prediction about the picture using the questions below to help you. You could either just answer the questions in full sentences or do a short paragraph. Please check your writing for punctuation and to check it makes sense. 



Day 2

Complete the activity, you could label and describe your picture. 

Day 3

Read the sentences underneath and use the word mats to improve them.

Sentences -


Word Mats 



Day 4 

Today I would like you to look at the picture below and describe the dragon. 


Think about what the dragon is like and what it looks like. You could write sentences about it or print the picture off and label it. Use the word mats from yesterday's work to help you with this. 



The ferocious dragon blasted blazing, hot fire over the warriors as they were trying to tame it. 


Day 5 

Today I would like you to design and describe your own dragon. To do this you could research some pictures of different dragons and what they are like. Draw a picture of your dragon and label it to describe what it is like. Be as creative as you want! I would love to see some of your dragons, you could bring these to our class zoom or email them to me!