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This week your writing will be based around the short video called 'Something Fishy' and your task will be to write a setting description. Please follow the daily tasks which will support you in your final piece. As usual, if you are unsure about any tasks, please email me.



In this lesson I would like you to watch the video clip . Please click on the link below. Once you have watched the video, please draw a story map and retell the story in your own words. You can include pictures!

I have attached a story map template below  or you can draw one in your book.

Something Fishy

Story map template



Today you will be focusing on fronted adverbials. These are exciting sentence starters that we have learnt in class. I am sure you can remember that fronted adverbials come at the start of a sentences and before a verb. Click on the BBC Bitesize link below and watch the video explaining fronted adverbials. 



  • Click on the link below and watch on the video
  • Complete activity 1 online.
  • Complete the sentences below in your book using the fronted adverbial word mat.

Use the adverbial word mat below to fill in the missing gaps in the sentences. Write your sentences neatly into your book.


  1.   ________ , I noticed something strange inside the washing machine.
  2.   ________ , I opened the door.
  3.  _________, I put my head inside.
  4. __________, I swam into a magical world under sea!
  5. __________, I could the glittering seabed which stretched as far as I could see!



Make your own sentences using fronted adverbials.



Your task today, is to use expanded noun phrases and verbs to write some exciting sentences to describe the underwater world.



  • Complete the table below in your exercise book - Use the pictures of the underwater world to help you.
  • Use your completed table to write some exciting sentences - There is examples below to help you get started.


Complete your sentences neatly into your book.

Sentence examples


I could see the tall, strong seaweed towers, standing still in the strong current.


Shoals of stripy, colourful sock fish dart up and down.


A large t-shirt octopus with long tentacles drifts by.





Today,  I would like you to write a setting description about the underwater world using the ideas and sentences that you have created this week.


Imagine that you have gone into the washing machine and all of a sudden, you find yourself in a new world, underwater. Use your senses and describe what you can see, feel and hear. 


You may wish to watch the video clip again to generate your ideas.

Use the sentences that you created yesterday and expand these by using fronted adverbials, the skill you have learnt this week. 

Take a look at the wagoll below. 



All of a sudden, I could see the tall, strong seaweed towers standing still   in the strong current. Shoals of stripy, colourful sock fish darted up and down. Bright rays of sunshine danced and sparkled in the deep, blue water.  Just then, a large t-shirt octopus with long tentacles drifted by me, I was flabbergasted! The glittering seabed stretched as far as my eye could see. Small, woolly hat turtles swam slowly past me.  In the distance, bubbles travelled to the surface before they suddenly went…POP! 



In this lesson, I would like you to edit your setting description from yesterday. Use the check list below.



  • Capital letters and full stops.
  • Commas and exclamation marks.
  • Spellings
  • Does your work make sense?
  • Have you used exciting adjectives? Can you up level them?
  • Have you use fronted adverbials in your work?


Once you have completed your editing, draw a picture of your underwater world. I would love to see your final piece...please email me with your work!