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This week, you are going to continue to look at the picture we looked at last week - 'Lost'. You are going to be building up to writing a setting description.


Day 1 

Today, I would like you to use expanded noun phrases to describe the woods. 


An expanded noun phrase is two adjectives, separated by a comma, that describe a noun. For example...


The tall, bare trees swayed as a slight breeze went past. 


Trees are the noun and tall, bare are the adjectives used to describe the trees. 



Write as many sentences as you can about the picture using expanded noun phrases. Use the adjective word mat and the below to help you. 


Nouns you may describe - 

  • Trees
  • Path
  • Woods
  • Grass
  • Sticks




Day 2


Today, I would like you to develop ideas you are going to use in your setting description. Fill in the table below thinking about what you might see, hear, feel and smell as you walked through the forest. You can add in your ideas from yesterday to help you! Remember to include expanded noun phrases to improve your ideas. I have given you an example...




Day 3 

Today, I would like you to write a setting description about the woods using all your ideas from the last couple of days. I would like you to imagine you are walking through the forest and describe it from your point of view, so you will be writing in first person. When we write in first person, we use pronouns such as; I, me and my. This setting description only needs to be a short paragraph and I will give you a starter, make sure you use your ideas that you developed yesterday. 


Setting description starter

Hours and hours had passed, I hadn't seen a single soul. I eventually found myself entering what looked like a forest...