Reevy Hill Primary School

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Monday 4th May


This week, you are going to imagine you have travelled to somewhere new inside a magical bubble. The bubble will transport you to a different place. It could be a real place, like the jungle, space or the Arctic. Or it could be somewhere you have made up, like Candyland filled with the most delicious treats or Dinosaur World where ferocious dinosaurs still walk!


Take a break from writing today and use your blank exercise book to draw a picture of the place you will travel to in your bubble. The more detail you add now, the easier it will be to write about it next week.

Tuesday 5th May


Using a story map template like we do in school, plan out your story from your picture yesterday about the adventure you will go on.

Using your picture from Monday and your story map from Tuesday, it's now your turn to write your story about the adventure you go on. 

Wednesday 6th May


Write the beginning of your story.


Remember to introduce your character and describe them as well as describing the setting you're visiting. Think about the adjectives we have been working on and using recently.


Thursday 7th May


Write the middle of your story.


Continue to describe the setting and what your character can see, feel, smell, hear and taste around them. Your middle should also have an exciting event or problem that will be solved by your character.


Friday 8th May


Write the ending of your story.


Write about your character solving the problem and travelling back home to where they came from.