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This week we will be starting our new text which is called ‘A Stone for Sascha’. Follow the daily tasks below and watch videos to support you.

Monday - To make a prediction based on the information given.

Still image for this video
Listen to Miss Riaz explaining today's task which is to make a prediction about our new text.

Look at the picture above and read the blurb.


Think about:

  • What can you see?
  • What have you learnt from the blurb?
  • Who is Sascha?
  • What do you think happened on the beach?
  • What could the ‘joyous truth’ be that she uncovered?
  • What do you predict will happen next? And Why?


Use the sentence starter below to write a short paragraph about your prediction. Justify your answers with evidence from the illustration and the blurb.

 At first…

Then I thought…


I think…


I wonder if …

Based on …

Looking at the

Tuesday - To summaries the key events.

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Listen to Miss Riaz working through the key events and sharing ideas that you could use in your writing.

‘A Stone for Sascha’ is an amazing wordless book about a young girl coming to terms with the loss of her pet dog but realising…  nothing is ever lost forever. The author has told this story through detailed illustrations.


Your task today is to look at the pictures below and write a short summary for each picture.


Follow the story map above (1-5) and think about:

What is happening?

Who are the main characters?

How do you thing the young girl is feeling?

What is she thinking?

Wednesday - To use noun phrases which are expanded by adding prepositional phrases.

Still image for this video
Listen to Miss Riaz up leveling simple sentences using noun phrases and prepositional phrases.

Expanded noun phrases provides extra information about the noun and brings your writing to life!

Your task today is to write two sentences for each of the five pictures from yesterday’s task. Each sentence must include a noun phrase which has been expanded by a prepositional phrase. Use the mat and the example below to help you.

Key Steps


  1. Identify the noun
  2. Use adjectives to describe the noun – (expanded noun phrase)
  3. Add a prepositional phrase
  4. ‘Level 2 Checks’ – up level your adjectives by using synonyms



Follow the example below.

The tired, unhappy girl walked slowly down the hill


Now let’s up level this!

A horrible sense of loneliness filled the young, disheartened girl as she staggered helplessly down the hill.

Tip – Use an online thesaurus to up level your adjectives.




To plan a dairy entry

In today’s session you will be planning your dairy, look back at the key events in Tuesday’s lesson. Pretend that you are the young girl - What are your thoughts and feelings about each event? Use the table below to plan your diary. Remember this is just your planning so write in ‘note’ form – the last event has been done for you.



To write a dairy entry

Today your task is to write your diary. Use all the skills that you have learnt this week and follow your planning.

Organise your diary into paragraphs for each event and include the key features listed below. challenge yourself to use some fronted adverbials in your writing.


Key features


Self – check  √

Expanded noun phrase


Prepositional phrase


First person –( I, my, we us)




Fronted adverbials followed by a comma.