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World Book Day Thursday 4th March

World Book Day 2021 - campaign and £1 books reveal!

Hello Nursery!

To celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 4th March we are going to focus on the favourite stories of each of your Nursery teachers! Below are photographs of your teachers reading their favourite story – can you guess who is who?! I’ll give you a clue, the 4 teachers hiding are: Mrs Metcalfe, Mrs Mowl, Miss Ratcliffe and Miss O’Connor. Who is reading which story? Do you know the stories that they are reading?

Guess Who!

Did you work out who was who?!

On the YouTube videos below you can watch each of the stories that your Nursery teachers have chosen as their favourite. We have included an activity to go alongside each book, for you to have a go at at home.

Room on the Broom - Julia Donaldson.. Children's Story. Audiobook - read-aloud.

Make a potion!

In the story, the Witch and the animals find ingredients to create a potion to make a new truly magnificent broom! Can you make a potion at home, maybe out in the garden if it’s a nice day, in case it’s a bit messy! What can you find in your garden to add to your potion? And when you say the magic words, what will happen? I think I would make a potion that would make me fly! We have included a potion template below for you to draw and write about your potion.

The Scarecrows' Wedding - Give Us A Story!

Make a scarecrow picture!

Can you make a shape scarecrow picture? There is a picture of one to give you an idea of what you could do? Do you know what scarecrows are made of? What are scarecrows used for?

Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Make a Bear Hunt map!

In the story, the family go on a journey to hunt for a bear, going through the grass and the river, then the mud and the forest, then the snowstorm and into the dark cave! Can you make a map of the journey they go on? You could use crayons or paints or collage, thinking carefully about the colours you would need to use.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Throw a tea party for your teddies!

In the story, the tiger eats all of the food in Sophie’s house and drinks all of the drinks! What a hungry tiger he must have been! Can you set up a tea party at home with your teddies / toys? What would you have to eat and drink at your tea party? I think I would have a slice of cake and a cup of tea! We have included a menu writing sheet, so that you can draw and write down what you are going to serve at your tea party!

Tea Party Menu