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This week our story is 'The cow that laid an egg.' Click on the video below to listen to the story.

The Cow That Laid an Egg

Written by Andy Cutbill Illustrated by Russell Ayto

Below are some activities that you can do at home with your child. Feel free to do as many activities as you like. We'd love to see what you do, send us a photo through our class email;

We love getting emails from you all!

Reading activity:

Look at the pictures of Marjorie the cow below. The first picture is from the beginning of the story and the second picture is from the end.

Can you think of 3 words to describe how Marjorie is feeling in the first picture and 3 words to describe how she is feeling at the end? Why does she feel so differently at the end of the story?

Understanding the World activity:

Did Marjorie the cow really lay the egg? Do cows hatch out of eggs? Let's think about which animals do lay eggs. Can you complete the worksheet below by sorting the pictures into the correct columns - living things that lay eggs / living things that don't lay eggs / non-living things? If you can print it out that's great, if not you can just as easily complete is as a speaking activity, asking your child to tell you where each picture belongs and to explain why.


We have uploaded an image of the worksheet and a link to the website for if you would like to print it out.

Creative Activity:

Sing along with the BBC song 'I went to visit a farm one day' by clicking on the link below.

Creative Activity:

Using the image below, can you draw your own cow?

Writing Activity:

Open the power point below to learn about the lifecycle of a hen. You could then have a go at drawing or writing about it.

ICT Activity:

Click on the link below to play the CBeebies game 'A Year on your Farm'.