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Topic: Winter Wonderland – Polar Regions

This week we are going to continue learning about penguins and also learn about other animals that live in the polar regions.


Activity 1 - story time

One of the stories we will share this week is called Blanche and Rocky and it is about a polar bear and a penguin who become friends! You can watch a video of Mrs Metcalfe reading this story on the link below.

Blanche and Rocky

Activity 2 – facts about penguins

We are going to learn some facts about Emperor Penguins. Use the link below to watch an episode of Andy’s Wild Adventures, where he goes to see real life penguins! As you watch it, listen carefully to all of the things that Andy tells you about the penguins.

Next we would like you to sort a set of facts about penguins, which are in the document below. Read them carefully and sort them into true facts and false facts. We have included a sheet for you to stick them onto when you have sorted them. What have you learnt about an Emperor Penguin?

True or False Penguin Facts

Activity 3 – Arctic animals

We have learnt a lot about penguins, who live in the Antarctic at the very South of the earth. Now we are going to find out about other animals that live in the Arctic which is where the North Pole is, at the very top of planet earth! Do you know of somebody else who lives at the North Pole?

Using the YouTube video below, watch a video of animals that live in the Arctic. Do you recognise any of them?

10 Arctic Animals for Kids - Snow Animals for Kids - Polar Animals

Activity 4 – make a Polar collage

In the document below is a sheet with polar animals on. Can you remember the names of any of the animals? We would like you to cut out the animals, using your scissors carefully to cut along the lines with your grown-ups help if you need it. Then make a picture using all of the animals you have cut out. Can you find anything in your house that you could use for the ice and snow that the animals live on? Maybe some cotton wool or tissue?

Why don’t you email us a photograph of your finished Polar collage to – we’d love to see it!