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Topic: Winter Wonderland – Polar Regions

This week we are going to continue learning about penguins, the story Lost and Found and the continent of Antarctica.

Activity 1 – story time

We are still reading Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers as our focus story this week. Talk with your child before they watch the story again and ask them if they can tell you what happened in the story. They might find it easier to recall what happened if you ask them what happened first / next / at the end.

Then watch a reading of the story on the YouTube link below:

Lost and Found By Oliver Jeffers

Activity 2 – find out about the South Pole

Talk about the story of Lost and Found, asking your child:

  • who does the boy find on his doorstep?
  • where did the penguin come from?

Tell your child that today they are going to learn about the South Pole, which is on a continent called Antarctica. Below is a YouTube video of images of Antarctica which we would like you to watch if possible.

As you watch the video, ask your child to think and talk about the following:

  • what can you see?
  • if you were there, what do you think you might feel?
  • if you were there, what do you think you might hear?

ANTARCTICA - The Frozen Continent - 4k DRONE Video

Activity 3 – what would you pack in your suitcase?

Did you watch the video about Antarctica? What did you see on it? Brrrr it looked cold there, there was so much ice and snow!

In the story Lost and Found, before the boy and penguin set off on their journey to the South Pole, the boy said they 'packed everything they would need'. What do you think they would have needed? If you were going to go on a long journey to somewhere cold like the South Pole, what you think you would need to pack in your suitcase? I think I'd want things to keep me warm, some food for when I got hungry and maybe something to help me find me way...

Talk with your grown up about the things that you think you would need to pack then below is a sheet with a suitcase on, for you to draw your ideas in your suitcase!

Remember to bring your work back to school when you come to collect your next home learning pack so that we can see your fabulous work!

What would you pack in your suitcase to take to the South Pole?

Activity 4 - making a boat!

In the story Lost and Found the boy and the penguin use the boy’s rowboat to sail to the South Pole. We would like to set you a challenge to make a boat that can float on water! Have a think about things around your house that you could use – plastic food packaging is always a good place to start! What will your boat need? Maybe a mast and a flag? We would love to see the boats you make so please email us a photograph to our email address!

Did you have a go at learning the song and dance called ‘The Penguin Dance’ at home last week? We have had lots of fun dancing to it at school! You can do this at home by clicking on the YouTube video below:

The Penguin Song ♫ Penguin Dance ♫ Brain Breaks ♫ Kids Animal Action Song by The Learning Station