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Topic: Winter Wonderland – Polar Regions

This week we are going to start learning about the Polar regions, specifically learning lots about penguins and where they live!


Activity 1 – a mystery!

Look what we found in our EYFS outdoor area this morning!

Spend time talking with your child about what it is, where they think it might have come from and what they think might be inside it! Then, using the egg themed paper in the document below, ask your child to draw a picture of what they think might be inside the egg and have a go at writing it as well.

(We don’t expect the children to be writing recognisable letters at this stage in their development. If they can write familiar letters that they know from their name etc then that is great, however lines, circles and zigzag marks etc are all forms of emergent writing appropriate for Nursery aged children.)

Activity 2 – story time

Our focus story this week is Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. You can watch a reading of this story by clicking on the YouTube link below.

Let your child watch the story all the way through once and then talk with them about what happened in the story. Talk about things such as:

Who are the main characters?

Where did the story take place?

What happened at the beginning / middle / end of the story?

Lost and Found By Oliver Jeffers

To buy the book: and Found is a story about friendship that will please children and grown-ups

Activity 3 – how to draw a penguin!

The author (who writes the story) and illustrator (who draws the pictures) of Lost and Found is Oliver Jeffers. Included below is a document with instructions he has given for how to draw a penguin. Can you read through them with your grown up and then in the blank box, follow the instructions and draw your own penguin? What will you call it?!

How to draw a penguin

Activity 4 – Make a shape penguin!

Below is a shape penguin activity to print and do. Can you have a go at cutting out the shapes? Make sure to be careful using the scissors and to try your best to cut around the edges of the shapes. Then use the shapes and some glue to stick together your penguin!

Activity 5 – facts about Emperor Penguins!

Click on the link above to watch an episode of Andy’s Wild Adventures, where he goes to meet some Emperor penguins!

Can you find out the following facts as you watch the programme?

  • Where do Emperor penguins live?
  • How do Emperor penguins keep warm?
  • Where do baby penguins come from?
  • How do penguins move about?

Can you practice moving like a penguin? Why don’t you have a go and get your grown up to take some photographs and email them so we can see!


We will be carrying on with learning about the story Lost and Found next week, so we would like it if you could keep watching the story throughout this week so that you know it really well by next week.


In our EYFS bubble in school we will also be taking brain breaks and learning the song and dance called ‘The Penguin Dance’. You can learn this at home by clicking on the YouTube video below:

The Penguin Song ♫ Penguin Dance ♫ Brain Breaks ♫ Kids Animal Action Song by The Learning Station