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Topic: Winter Wonderland – Birds in Winter

This week we are going to be learning about birds in Winter. We will be reading the story Lucky Duck, from the RSPB website. You can open and read it too by clicking on the document below.

Along with other classes in school, we will be taking part in the RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch 2021. We would like you to join in at home too!


Activity 1 – finding out about different birds in Winter:

Below is a Powerpoint document with information about how birds keep warm in Winter, different birds that you might see in your garden or local area and how we can help look after birds in Winter. Can you read through the information with your grown up and think of 3 facts that you have learnt?

Activity 2 – binoculars!

We would like you to spend time looking for different birds outside. But first, to help with your bird spotting, can you make some binoculars? You will need two cardboard tubes (or a long one cut in half!), scissors, sellotape, string and pens or crayons to decorate. The picture shown is to give you an idea of what yours might look like! Can you email us a photograph of the ones you make?

Tube binoculars!

Activity 3 – bird spotting!

We would like you to spend some time each day looking for the different kinds of birds you can see outside. You might spend time in your garden, watching out of the window or even taking a walk to the park to look for birds. Included below is a bird spotting sheet, for you to record the number of birds that you see using tally marks. There is also a sheet for you to draw a picture of a robin if you see one. 

Activity 4 – bird feeders!

In Winter birds find it harder to find food, so it is kind if we put food out for them. Below there are instructions on how to make a bird feeder using Cheerios or a hooped breakfast cereal. Can you make one at home and hang it in your garden? Hopefully it will attract more birds to your garden, which will help with your bird spotting activity!

Activity 5 – paper plate birds!

Below is a document with instructions from the RSPB website on how to make a paper plate bird. Which bird will you choose to make? Please take a photograph of yours and email it to our Nursery email address!

Paper plate Birds