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Topic: Winter Wonderland

This week we are continuing with using Jack Frost as our focus story. You can watch the story on the following YouTube page:

Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara

We will be continuing to learn the spoken rhyme:


Little Jackie Jack Frost bites my nose,

Little Jackie Jack Frost stings my toes.

Little Jackie Jack Frost climbs the trees,

Little Jackie Jack Frost paints the leaves.

When the Winter wind begins to blow,

Little Jackie Jack Frost runs away GO!

Activity 1:

Did you build a snowman when it snowed last Friday? Below is a photograph of the snowman that the children in school built!

Can you draw a picture of the snowman that you built? Think carefully about the shapes and colours you need to represent your snowman.

Activity 2:

Below are some sequencing cards for how to build a snowman, both as an image and as a document to print. If you have printed the pictures, please cut them out separately then spread the pictures out in front of you and your child in a random order. If you are working from the screen, just ask your child to point to the correct order.

Next, ask your child if they can put the pictures in order to correctly build a snowman. Think about what you would do first, next, after that and finally. Once the pictures are sequenced, encourage your child to say a sentence for each picture, e.g. "first roll big balls of snow."

Sequencing pictures

Activity 3:

Below is a new version of the Incy Wincy Spider rhyme to learn at home. Can you practice singing it every day until you can sing it by yourself? You could video yourself singing it and email it to us, we would love to see it!

Incy Wincy Freeze