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Task 4

How do flowering plants reproduce?


In this task you will be able identify the key parts of a flower and understand the role the flower plays in reproduction.



  • Click on the BBC Bitesize link below
  • Watch the short video clip
  • Complete the two online activities

Pollination, fertilisation and dispersal are the three key process that occur in the flower. Work through the PowerPoint and then complete the task below.

You can present your work in any way that is easy for you. As an extra task you can draw a flower and label it neatly in your book!







Practical task


Now you understand the key parts of a flower and the process of pollination and fertilisation.

Your next task is to dissect a flower! This means to cut a flower into the different key parts. I have attached a picture of a flower for you to dissect or you may wish to dissect a flower from your garden (please only do this under a supervision of an adult).

Have fun and please send in your completed tasks and pictures! Have fun!