Reevy Hill Primary School

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Task 2

Why do plants have roots?


We know that plants have roots but do we know and understand why? This week I would like you to do some research.

Consider the questions below:


  • Why do plants have roots?
  • What is the job of the roots?
  • What are root hairs? 


I would like you to complete the following tasks.


  • Watch the BBC Bitesize video about why plants have roots
  • Write a paragraph about the function of the roots - you can add more detail into your writing by researching on Espresso.



Your next task is to conduct an experiment to answer the below question.


Does the length of the roots change over time?


We all know that in the right conditions, plants grow but, do the roots grow too?


Your task is to measure and record the length of plant roots over a period of two weeks and explain your results. You must record your results in a table and explain your results using the correct scientific language. 



Read through all of your task before you start.


  • Dig up some 'weeds' so that the roots are still surrounded by a ball of soil. ( Please don't dig up your mum's favourite plants!)
  • Clean the roots by placing them in a bowl and shake off any excess soil. (Get an adult to help you with thisyes)
  • Get a small transparent plastic bottle and fill it with water.
  • The weeds can be placed into the plastic bottle and attached so that the roots are in contact with the water in the bottle.
  • Use a pen and mark on the side of the bottle where the lowest root descend to.
  • For the next two weeks, mark at the side of the bottle where the lowest root is. You should do this once a week. 


Once you have completed your task you should have three sets of results. Draw a table to record your results. Take a look below.






Once you have completed your experiment and drawn your table, explain your findings. Your results could be like CHILD A or they could be like CHILD C

Explain what your results show and explain why. 


Please email me your finished piece of work.