Reevy Hill Primary School

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Speaking and Listening Games

Speech and Language Activities 

Click on one of the pictures and try the activity 

Look at the pictures and tell a grown up what you can see, try to use full sentences and use describing words (I can see a yellow car)

Name 5 things challenges.

Click on one of the cards below and see if you can complete the challenge. Can you draw and label the 5 things in your workbook?

Conversation starters 


Click on a card and get talking! smiley

Logo quiz 

Can you tell a grown up what these logos are? can you find any of these logos in your house? Send me some pictures through email of logos you can find in your house!

Talking pictures.

Look carefully at the pictures, what can you see? can you describe what you can see?

Sound games.

Listen carefully to the sounds you can hear.