Reevy Hill Primary School

Interactive bar


Shape, Space and Measure

Repeating patterns

Tell a grown up which colour will come next. If you have blocks at home you could build your own repeating pattern tower.

Tell a grown up which shapes come next to finish the patterns
2D Shapes

Can you name the 2D shapes?

Can you point to the square? the rectangle? the circle? the triangle?


Count the sides and corners on each of the shapes. can you tell a grown up how many they have?


Which shape has 3 sides and 3 corners?

which shape has 0 corners and 1 side?

Which shapes have 4 sides and 4 corners?

Which shape has sides that are all the same?


Can you draw a picture in your workbook using just shapes? can you name the shapes you use?
Ordering pictures
Can you put these pictures in the correct order? which comes first? tell a grown up the correct order