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Our new Geography topic is...



Welcome to the Arctic!

Polar Seasons - Frozen Planet - BBC One

Before we look at the Arctic, we are going to revisit our previous learning about our world.


Last term we learnt about the Continents and Oceans of the world. Do you remember them?

Sing along to the 7 Continents song to remind you ! :)

Five Oceans Song

Lesson 1 - To explore the Arctic Circle



Write the names of the 7 countries in the Arctic Circle.

Draw the flag to go with each country.


Can you add any information about each country?

Lesson 2 - To explore climate in the Arctic
Look at and read the slides about the seasons and weather in the Arctic (also available in the home learning pack).

Exploring the Arctic

Activity: Finish these sentences


Winter in the Arctic is freezing and _______________.

In winter there are more ______________ in the water.

In winter the ground is covered with ______________.

Sometimes the sun doesn't rise at all in ___________.

In the winter warm clothing, hats and ______________ are worn in the Arctic.

Summer in the Arctic is quite _________________.

Sometimes the sun doesn't set at all in ____________.

The ice melts from the land and some _____________

Arctic summer temperatures are still quite ________.

Use the key words to help ypu

Extension: Write sentences about the differences between the Arctic summer and winter. Draw pictures to show this.
Lesson 3 - Exploring the Arctic's physical features
Look at and read the slides about the physical features in the Arctic.


Lesson 4 - Exploring the animals living in the Arctic
Look at and read the information about animals living in the Arctic.



Look at the Arctic Circle Map. Look at the different animals living in each country in the Arctic Circle.

Use the map to answer the questions