Reevy Hill Primary School

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James did a mini experiment last week, burying his gloves in the garden overnight and seeing what happened to the material. James observed the gloves as being 'crunchy'. Then he left them by the window to melt in the sunshine. Well done James!

Science - Materials


We have been learning about Materials in Science. 


What materials do you know?


Lesson 1


Use today's lesson to revisit Materials. Access Espresso using the link below and watch the videos and complete the activities. Write down what you have learnt.



Lesson 2


Natural and man-made materials (recap)


Recap natural and man-made materials using the PowerPoint below.



Sort the pictures into natural and man-made materials.



Lesson 3


What do you know about materials?


Look back at the materials you sorted yesterday. Write sentences about what you know about each material, including its properties.




Sand is a natural material made from ground up rock and mineral particles. It is used in concrete and making glass. Sand is a beige colour and it sticks together when it is wet.

Lesson 4


Recycling materials


Watch the PowerPoint about recycling materials.

Extension: Write sentences about the recycling process (see home learning packs for template).