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In Science we are going to be learning about Materials. 


What materials do you know?

Materials And Their Properties

Lesson 1


What materials do you know?

Click on the PowerPoint and go through each of the slides to learn about different materials. Can you describe each one as you go?

Activity 1:


Use the materials pictures from your home learning pack to write sentences about each material.


OR just write the name of the material and write sentences.


Challenge yourself to describe the material, like I have in red!

Extension - Complete the sheets (available in the home learning pack).


* - Comets and Stars

** - Astronauts

** - Planets and Rockets



Lesson 2


How do the properties of a material make it suited to its role?

Open the PowerPoint about the suitability of materials. Work through the different materials and their properties.

Activities: work through the activities on paper (sheets available in the home learning pack)



Lesson 3


Can you change the shape of materials?

Use objects at home to investigate if you can change the materials. You can use the sheet below for ideas but don't worry if you don't have them!

Lesson 4


Where do different materials come from?

If it is a nice day and you are going for a walk, look for different materials in the environment. 


Looking at the weather, you might have to dig materials out of the snow! Stay warm inside and hunt for materials in your house instead laugh

Take a look at this PowerPoint about Natural and Man-made materials.


Write a list of natural and man-made materials.