Reevy Hill Primary School

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Daily Reading


Oxford Owl has a fantastic range of eBooks for you to access from home. Try and read a book everyday by using the link below -


Go to my class login then enter the details below -

User: ReevyLKS2

Password: ReevyLKS2

Guided Reading 

The format has slightly changed this week. We will do 3 days of reading tasks linked to a particular skill then your fourth day will be looking at a spelling rule. As usual, there will be a task for Miss Pinder's guided reading group and a separate one for anyone who is in a phonics group. Any questions, please just ask! 


Day 1 - Read through your PowerPoint.

Day 2 


Miss Pinder's Group - Read the short text then have a go at answering the questions. 


Phonics Group - Read through the text today and think about what you know about the text. You will be answering some questions on it tomorrow. Remember to use your phonics knowledge to help you read the text. 


Day 3

Miss Pinder's Group - Read through and answer the questions. Use the PowerPoint from Day 1 to help you. 


Phonics Group - Answer these questions about the text from yesterday. Make sure you read through it again and use it to help you answer the questions. 



Day 4 

Today, each group is going to look at a spelling rule. Look at your rule then practice writing out your spellings - you can use this to practice your handwriting as well! 


Miss Pinder's Group - 

We started to look at prefixes - something added on to the start of a root word. Look at the PowerPoint again to remind you what prefixes are and how they change a word, then practice writing out your spellings. 



Phonics Group - You are going to be looking at words ending in 'nd'