Reevy Hill Primary School

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Daily Reading


Oxford Owl has a fantastic range of eBooks for you to access from home. Try and read a book everyday by using the link below -


Go to my class login then enter the details below -

User: ReevyLKS2

Password: ReevyLKS2

Guided Reading 


Day 1 

Each group should read through their PowerPoint to look at the skill they are going to be learning about this week. The PowerPoints contain activities for you to have a go at whilst you read through. 

Day 2 

Miss Pinder's Group - look at the picture then answer the questions. 


Phonics Group -


Day 3 - 

Miss Pinder's Group - read the short text then answer the questions. 


Phonics Group - 

Today I would like you to read through the text below. Make sure you use your phonics knowledge to help you read it. Once you have read it, write down or tell someone in your family what you learnt from it as tomorrow you are going to answer some questions about it. 



Day 4 - 

Miss Pinder's Group - read through and answer the questions. Use the PowerPoint from Day 1 to help you. 

Phonics Group -

Use the text from yesterday's work to answer the questions below. Read the question then keep going back to the text to find the answers.