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Looking After Our Baby Brother for 24 hrs!

Looking After Our Baby Brother for 24 hrs!If you enjoyed this video why not give Fun Family Three Ava Isla Olivia a thumbs up and subscribe - it's totally fr...

New babies are very small when they are first born and are not able to do very much, they mostly sleep and eat! 


Do you have any baby sisters or brothers? What are they like?


A new baby can be very hard work because they need lots of attention and time. Parents and carers will have lots of jobs to do for the baby! You could help your parent or carer to look after your new sibling or relative. Think of some helpful jobs you could do to help. 


Have a go at sorting the items below into things babies need, and things they don't need. Once you have had a go at this, try and answer these questions:


1) What do babies eat?

2) Where do babies sleep?

3) How do babies get from one place to another?

4) How do babies go to the toilet?

5) How do babies wash themselves?

6) How do babies have fun?