Reevy Hill Primary School

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We are continuing to develop our awareness of words that rhyme.


Activity 1:

Remind your child of how we are learning about words that rhyme. Play a little game to remember the rhyming words that we have learnt so far, taking turns to add on a word that rhymes with rat / then play again starting with the word log. Are they beginning to remember which words rhyme?

Below are 5 new rhyme pictures. Ask your child to choose some rhymes to sing together, both from these pictures and ones from the previous weeks. As you sing each rhyme, draw your child’s attention to the words that rhyme. For example, if you choose to sing Jack and Jill, talk about how the word Jill rhymes with the word hill / down rhymes with crown.

Nursery Rhymes

Activity 2: Odd One Out

Below there is a rhyming odd one out video with Mrs Metcalfe which we would like you to watch and play along with!

We have included some ‘odd one out’ rhyming strips below for you to have a go at. Can you find each picture that doesn’t rhyme out of the choice of 4?

Odd One Out.mp4

Odd One Out Rhyming Words

Activity 3:

Included below are two rhyming activity sheets for you to have a go at, one where you draw lines to match the rhyming words and another where you cut and stick the picture that rhymes.