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This week we will continue with our learning about rhyming words.


Activity 1:

Using the Nursery rhyme pictures from the previous two weeks and the new ones below, choose a few rhymes to sing together.


Nursery Rhymes

Today we are going to play a game called silly soup using the rhyming pictures that you hunted for around your house last week, the dog-frog-jog set of pictures. We have included a new sheet of the pictures below in case you don’t already have them.

Rhyming pictures dog log jog

To play Silly Soup You will need a large bowl, a spoon and the set of rhyming pictures (dog log frog etc), cut up individually.

Begin by looking at each picture in turn and asking your child what it is a picture of. After looking through all of the pictures, tell your child that these words all rhyme, then ask your child to say all of the words again as they point to the pictures.

Spread the pictures out in front of you and tell your child you are going to make some rhyming silly soup together, taking turns to add a picture to the bowl. As you add pictures to the bowl, you sing the rhyme (to the tune of Pop goes the Weasel):

We’re making lots of silly soup, we’re making soup that’s silly, we’re going to cook it in the fridge, to make it nice and chilly! In goes a…frog etc.

Make sure to keep on repeating the words lots of times throughout the activity; the more your child hears the words the more they will hear how they all have a similar sound pattern.

Activity 2:

Remind your child of the rhyming words that we have been learning. Ask them if they can think of a word that rhymes with hat? Then ask them if they can think of a word that rhymes with log? Are they beginning to remember which words rhyme?

Using the 5 new rhyme pictures above and the ones from the previous two weeks, ask your child to choose some rhymes to sing together As you sing each rhyme, draw your child’s attention to the words that rhyme. For example, if you choose to sing Hickory Dickory Dock, explain how the word Dock rhymes with clock and tock.

  • Can they remember what the mouse does when the clock strikes two or three?

Activity 3:

Using all of the Nursery rhyme pictures from the learning packs, choose some rhymes to sing together, drawing attention to the words that rhyme in some of them.

Today we would like you to play a game of matching pairs using the cat/mat/rat and dog/log/frog sets of pictures you have got. Firstly, look through each set of rhyming pictures one at a time, saying all of the rhyming words one after the other. When you have done this, mix the pictures up then lay them out face down on the table or floor. Take turns to choose and turn over two pictures. Ask your child to say the words and decide if they rhyme or not. If they do keep them, if not turn them back over.

Who will be the one to collect the most pairs of rhyming words and win the game?