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This week we will continue to learn about rhyming words.


Activity 1:

Remind your child of the rhyming activities that you did last week and ask them if they can remember any words that rhyme with ‘sat’ and ‘mat’.

Below are 5 new rhyme pictures. Ask your child to choose some rhymes to sing together, both from these new ones and from last week’s set. As you sing each rhyme, draw your child’s attention to the words that rhyme. For example, if you choose to sing Miss Polly had a dolly, explain how the word Polly rhymes with Dolly / sick rhymes with quick / head rhymes with bed etc.

Nursery Rhymes

Activity 2:

Using the nursery rhyme pictures above and the five from last week, choose 3 rhymes to sing and talk about the words that rhyme in that song.

Today you will need the poster included in the link below, which shows a living room and the cat-mat-rat rhyming pictures. Before showing your child the picture, ask them if they can remember any of the words that rhyme with mat and rat.

Look together at the picture and point to each of the small pictures at the bottom, asking your child to name them. Which one is different to the words we’ve learnt before? Talk about the two different kinds of ‘bat’ on the poster.

Ask your child to find and circle each of the rhyming objects in the large picture. Can they spot them all? When they have found them all, point to and say all of the words one after the other to help your child to hear how they all rhyme. Can they think of any other words that rhyme with cat and hat and bat and rat? (E.g. pat, sat, fat, flat)

Activity 3:

Using the Nursery rhyme pictures from this week and last, choose 3 rhymes to sing and talk about the words that rhyme in that song.

Today we are going to introduce the children to a new set of words that rhyme, which are the rhyming string dog-log-frog-jog-cog-fog. Below is a document with a set of pictures for these words, which you will need to print and cut up and hide around your house before you begin.

Remind your child how we are learning about words that rhyme, which means words that sound the same at the end. Ask them if they can tell you the words that rhyme with mat and rat. Tell your child that these words all end with the sound ‘at’. Today we are going to learn some new rhyming words which all end with the sound ‘og’. Explain that you have hidden 6 pictures around the house and that you would like them to go on a picture hunt to see if they can find them all! Work with your child to find the pictures, asking them each time they find one what it is a picture of. Some words they will know, some will be new words to learn like the word ‘cog’.

Once they have found all of the pictures, sit down and talk through the words together, talking about the less familiar words like cog, jog and fog and helping your child understand what they mean.

Dog frog rhyming pictures