Reevy Hill Primary School

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Activity 1:

Tell your child that this week we will be learning about words that rhyme, which means words that sound the same at the end.

Sing the rhyme Humpty Dumpty with your child, pausing after ‘had a great’ to allow them to fill in the word ‘fall’. Explain that the word fall rhymes with the word wall, Humpty sat on a wall and had a great fall.

Below there are 5 rhyme pictures. Ask your child to choose 3 of the rhymes to sing together. As you sing each rhyme, draw your child’s attention to the words that rhyme. For example, if you choose to sing wind the bobbin up, you would talk about the words floor and door / three and knee as being the words that rhyme.


If there are any rhymes that you are unsure of, below is the link to the BBC Teach Nursery rhymes website which has videos for lots of rhymes on.


Nursery rhymes

Activity 2:

Using the Nursery rhyme pictures above, choose 2 rhymes to sing and talk about the words that rhyme in that song.

Today we are going to learn a set of words that rhyme and play a game called silly soup with them. You will need a large bowl, a spoon and a set of rhyming pictures, as shown below. The document is also below for you to print out.

Begin by looking at each picture in turn and asking your child what it is a picture of. After looking through all of the pictures, tell your child that these words all rhyme, then ask your child to say all of the words again as they point to the pictures.

Spread the pictures out in front of you and tell your child you are going to make some rhyming silly soup together, taking turns to add a picture to the bowl. As you add pictures to the bowl, you sing the rhyme (to the tune of Pop goes the Weasel):


We’re making lots of silly soup, we’re making soup that’s silly, we’re going to cook it in the fridge, to make it nice and chilly! In goes acat etc.

Activity 3:

Begin with choosing 3 rhymes from the pictures above to sing, talking about the words that rhyme in that song.

Next recap the rhyming string words that you played with yesterday, reminding your child of the silly soup you made and asking if they can remember anything that you put in it. Look through the cat-bat-hat-rat-mat-sat pictures and say all of the words.

We are going to play Kim’s Game today. Laying all of the rhyming pictures on the floor in front of you, tell your child to have a good look at them all then close their eyes. When they have their eyes closed, remove 1 or 2 of the pictures. Tell them to open their eyes again can they work out which pictures have been taken away? Repeat the game several times, removing up to 4 pictures at a time. Each time your child guesses which pictures are missing, keep drawing their attention to how all of the words that we are saying are words that rhyme and encourage them to repeat all of the words together.