Reevy Hill Primary School

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In phonics we will continue to learn about rhythm and rhyme. We will be learning to recite the rhyme 'Little Jackie Jack Frost', talking about the words that rhyme. Can you learn it too? The rhyme is a spoken rhyme without a tune, the words are below.


Little Jackie Jack Frost bites my nose,

Little Jackie Jack Frost stings my toes.

Little Jackie Jack Frost climbs the trees,

Little Jackie Jack Frost paints the leaves.

When the Winter wind begins to blow,

Little Jackie Jack Frost runs away GO!

Continuing our learning about rhyme, we will read and explore the book Oi Frog! Click on the YouTube link below to listen to the story read on Cbeebies. Can you find any words that rhyme in the story?

Bedtime Stories | Liz Carr | Oi! Frog | CBeebies

We will be playing with words this week and learning to clap syllables in a word, e.g.

cat = 1 clap / syllable

don-key = 2 claps / syllables

di-no-saur = 3 claps / syllables


Can you gather up some objects from around your house that have 1/2/3 or more syllables and have a go at clapping the syllables in each word? For example you might get a tin, pencil and banana.