Reevy Hill Primary School

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Take Maths outside!
Ask a grown up to write numbers on the path, can you tell them what the number is? then collect the correct number of things from your garden!
Ask a grown up to write numbers 1-10 on a path. Then ask them to shout out numbers for you to jump to

Number Pegs

Attach numbers to cups or plates. Then attach the correct number of pegs 

Number printing

Numbers outside

When you go for a walk or play in your garden look for the numbers you can see around you. Here are some pictures from my walk, which numbers can you see?

Numbers in your house 

Your house is full of numbers! Go on a number hunt around your house, which ones can you see? why not write them down? These are some of the numbers in my house...

How many?

Count the objects in the picture,how many are there? can you point to the matching number?

Number Activities
All about numbers