Reevy Hill Primary School

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Mrs Mowl's Group

Can you say the sound made by each of these letters?


s       a       t       p


When your adult says the sound to you, can you point to the correct letter? Can you have a go at writing the letters in your exercise book?


Can you read this tricky word?




Can you think of a sentence using tricky word I? For example 'I had cereal for my breakfast today.'


Today we are going to focus on the letter i. This is a short, bouncy sound. Can you practice saying it?


i     i     i     i     i     i     i     i     i

Lowercase Alphabet Letter i

Watch the YouTube video about the letter i. Can you practice writing it in your exercise book?


Read the words below. Remember to say the sounds the blend to read the word. Can you point to the picture to match the word?


pit        sip         sit         pip