Reevy Hill Primary School

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Mrs Mowl's Group

Good Morning! Let's begin today by recapping the phase 2 sounds that we have learnt. Looking at the sound mat above, as your grown up points to the letters can you say the sound that they each make?


Today we are going to be practicing reading and writing some of the tricky words that you have been learning in the song this week. Have a look at the mat below. Can you read all of the tricky words?

Now look at the sentences below. Can you spot the tricky word(s) in each sentence?


I am sad.


go to bed.


the red bus.

Now we would like you to practice spelling tricky word 'the'.


Grown ups, please write the letters t  h  e  on separate small pieces of paper. Mix them up then ask your child to put them in the correct order to make tricky word 'the'. Repeat this several times, then take the letters away and ask them if they can remember the word and write it down for you.


Next, please complete the worksheet below. It is attached as an image for you to look at and then write into your exercise book and also as a word document for if you would like to print it off. For each picture, please write the two word phrase 'the' plus the animal name. The first one has been done to show you. Encourage your child to remember how to spell tricky word 'the' and then to use their phonic skills to segment and write the animal name.