Reevy Hill Primary School

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Mrs Mowl's Group

Good Morning! We are going to be recapping and applying our learning again today so let's begin with a quickwrite of sounds. We will then use some of those sounds to write some words. Have you got your exercise book and a pencil?


Grown ups, please ask your child to write the following letters. The sound mat is above in case they are unsure of any of them, so that you can ask them to find the letter on the mat.


e, i, u, g, h, b, t, p, n


Now please ask them to use their robot arms to segment the sounds in the following words before writing them down.





Now let's practice reading our tricky words. Sing-a-long with the video below.

Tricky Words Song

Lastly, we are going to practice reading simple words by playing a game on Phonics Play. Please click on the link below to open the Phonics Play website, then login using the username and password on the homepage.

Once you have logged in, please click on:


Resources - Phase 2 - Pick a Picture - Start - Phase 2.


Encourage your child to touch and say the sounds then blend them together to read the word, clicking on the picture to match it.